Packaging and labelling


Packaging and labelling

Starting a new product line or need your packaging design refreshed? Microcosm can help you create packaging and labels to suit any application and product.

Packaging assists to create brand loyalty. On shelf-presence might be the first and last time you get to connect with customers, so it is vital that your packaging design is instantly recognisable and distinguishable from your competition.

Packaging design and strategy should:

  • grab attention (motivate and engage consumers)
  • secure and protect your product, components and instructions
  • consider shipping and storage
  • display your product/s in the best possible way
  • include functionality such as handles, viewing areas and easy-open closures
  • have deliberate shapes, colours and material use
  • consider economical and environmental matters

We can assist you in designing a label that conveys the purpose and feel of your product, as well as sourcing full printing services to suit your budget.

Have you got a new product that you would like to launch? We would love to hear about it! Contact us.