The Footy Almanac - User Experience Design

The Footy Almanac is a book published at the end of each AFL year and features a collection of stories and accounts of each game, each round of the AFL football year that was. These stories are written by the fans themselves and is a fantastic collection of varying writing styles and perspectives. The books are supported by a popular website which has thousands of current members and offers sport fans of all persuasions a place to publish their stories, share their voice and discuss AFL football and sport in general (amongst other things).

Malarky Publications, the publishers of the Almanac, approached Microcosm to help them redesign their website to meet the needs of their audience and help accommodate their changing requirements.

We conducted a full User Experience (UX) project, interviewing a number of passionate 'Almanackers' to gain insights into their behaviours and needs to ensure that the website redesign proceeds with these insights at front of mind. The UX part of this project provided the client with a detailed understanding of who their audience is, what they are thinking and what they need to accommodate when moving forward with their website redesign. We developed working prototypes of the new site which will be fully developed and the new site is slated for launch early next year.

The client is overjoyed with the results and now have a very valuable piece of intelligence regarding their users' needs, expectations and behaviours and how that needs to be accommodated, not only in the design of their new website but in all areas of their business.