Case Study

Microsoft Word report template

Macroplan is a large property advisory company who develop strategic, extensively researched reports for their clients. They approached Microcosm to develop an efficient way to create these reports, simplifying the process and enforcing their corporate style and brand presentation.

Our solution was to design and develop a custom Microsoft Word template which would ensure a consistent look and feel to all the reports by controlling the presentation of logos, margins, fonts, spacing, image presentation and other formatting. Our end product goes well beyond this to provide time-saving automation features.

Numerous macros were built into the template that included varying functionality for the creation and formatting of documents. This ensured text editing and content placement was consistent, fast and accurate. For example, a complex series of steps to insert an A3 horizontal page with all the correct formatting for margins, headers and footers was automatically inserted into the documents with a single keystroke.

Content controls were also used extensively in the template. These were fields into which the report creator inserts appropriate content. For example the title and company name is entered on the cover page and is then automatically populated into the headers on each page throughout the report.

A user guide was developed for quick reference and we assisted in placing the template on their central file server to enable ease of use across the organisation.

Macroplan were thrilled with the result and the subsequent time-saving achieved. The locked down template ensured the report authors never made mistakes with the presentation no matter what their level of skill with Word. Macroplan's clients gained greater perceived value with slick and polished reports.

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